Re: Has anyone used the Zapier Webhook integration?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Basically, I am trying to use Webhooks for whenever my Airtable is updated with a new record.

Here is my understanding of how this works:

The webhook is like a user defined callback that can execute commands from one application to another.

So, first, I want the “trigger” to CATCH the HOOK. This generates a URL, but I am not exactly sure what to do with this. It says We’ve generated a custom webhook URL for you to send requests to.


I am guessing Airtable is going to have to send data to this URL, but nowhere does it explain how to do that. If I get Airtable to send data like that, I would just directly send it to my application.

So, can someone help me with sending a hook to my URL? I have a couple more questions latter, but they might be answered if this step works!

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10 - Mercury

Airtable won’t push to a webhook like this. You’d have to write your own code running somewhere else that then pushes to the webhook. I don’t think you can accomplish what you are trying to do unless you write some code. ( Or hire us :winking_face: )

I don’t understand exactly how I am supposed to POST to that URL. I don’t see where it’s written in the Zapier documentation states about which format or method to send a “hook” to.

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

you need to be a programmer to understand how to do it.

here are details:

Like i said, i don’t think this does what you think it does :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a programmer…

I am just trying to make API requests and send an alerts to my own systems. If I can’t do that, than the Zapier’s documentation is lying.

airtable doesn’t talk directly to zapier via webhooks.

You can write code that queries the airtable via airtable api, then push to zapier via a webhook. But it requires your code being in the middle.

You can’t use a webhook trigger in zapier that talks with airtable directly.

BUT, you can use the existing airtable connector on zapier as a trigger and everytime a new row is added (for example), use that table and push it to your own webhook using the webhook action (not trigger) in zapier.

That is what their documentation is talking about when they say you can integrate Airtable and webhooks.

To the best of my knowledge, NOTHING can track changes/updates to records other than Airtable itself. Zapier doesn’t have a “trigger” for Airtable updates (just new records) and the API (as you know) doesn’t expose date modified (only date created).


The only way I’ve managed (sane) syncs is by:

Fetching all records from a table (usually in batches), creating a hash using specific fields, comparing that hash to a cached value associate with that record ID, and only THEN can my script tell if that record has changed.

The biggest gotcha is ensuring that if your request (or requests in the case of batches) returns anything OTHER than a 200 HTTP response code, you cleanly exit rather than syncing an empty response (this has happened to me and it is unfortunate).

Airtable continues to double-down on NOT being a proper backend for data—they are fully invested in their front-end and have let all of us API users nibble on the meager crumbs they throw our way. I totally get it as their business model is clearly focused on monetizing the front-end UI and features (blocks, colors, etc). And to be fair, they’ve owned this from the start (I’m actually rather impressed by the clarity of their vision/roadmap). But still, I WISH we could have some simple things like “date modified”, field/table/base metadata, and filters by related record VALUE (not just related record ID).

I take some of that back—there is ONE Airtable Record Update notification feature that I’ve found.

Slack can receive notifications of updated records—not entirely sure of the details (or the usefulness of the feature for your purposes) but hey! it’s something :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you speaking metaphorically, or is there an actual accessible roadmap out there, somewhere? I’ve seen such a thing referenced previously, but I’ve never been able to track it down…

Of all the things I’m guilty of, speaking metaphorically is probably my most frequent…

I guess I meant that the things they say they care about have proven to be the things that they have improved. And the other things (no matter how easy and obvious have seem to me to be) have been neglected. So in hindsight, I feel like I can “see” their roadmap clearly and in a way I can project it into the future. It’s not an easy task to keep your product/service laser focused… there’s always plenty of people (like me…) who would LOVE to derail you in order to have their pet feature implemented. It’s the power of saying NO!