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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I’m posting on behalf of a mutual aid group that I help with. We recently shared a link to one of our donation forms, and we started getting really racist / violent hate mail from what seems like a bot all morning. We’re unable to connect donors with recipients right now because of this. We created a duplicate form, changed field language slightly, deleted old form, redirected bitly to new form link, but the bot is still running. We tweeted at Airtable, emailed support, sent in tickets, but it’s a holiday weekend.

Is there a way to add a captcha to Airtable forms? I have searched the forums on this topic and it seems third party options are available, but when I look at what they have to offer I worry that the integration does not provide enough protection against an injection attack grabbing internal data. If we have a js developer on our team, is that something that could help at this time?

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, what you see is what you get with Airtable forms, so there’s nothing you can do to solve this within Airtable itself. Airtable’s forms are as barebones basic as you can get.

Your only option is to use a professional form building tool that includes robust security options, and JotForm is your #1 best option for this.

JotForm offers captchas and IP blocking & cookie blocking and more.

JotForm also offers integration with Airtable, and for more advanced integration, you can use On2Air Forms.