[HELP] Conditional Formula for workback dates, excluding weekends

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi AT Community,

I am writing a formula that will yield a series of workback dates based on a project’s Launch Date. I’ve gotten as far as DATEADD({Launch Date},-7,‘days’) but it does not exclude weekends.

For example, a project which launches on 8/30 (Friday) has a key milestone at -7 business days. The above formula will push out 8/23 (Friday) but should be 8/21 (Wednesday). So, the problem is that my current formula includes Saturday and Sunday in the day count.

My goal is to be able to add a project’s launch date and have a series of workback milestones automatically generate but only take into account WEEKDAYS. Does anyone know of the magical formula?

Thank you!

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Hi @Jordan_Baeza - you can use the WORKDAY() function:

WORKDAY({Launch Date}, -7)

Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 16.33.56.png