HELP: How to find the linked records of a specific linked record?

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4 - Data Explorer

I hope the topic doesn’t seem too confusing… if it is, I apologize for that :grinning_face_with_sweat:

So I’m making a database for a pet store, the tables are:

  1. Customers table: it contains contact information of the customers (name, tel, email, etc.)
  2. Pets table: it contains pet info, 1 attribute called “Owner” linked to the Customers table

Now I’m building an Appointment table, which has two linked attributes:

  1. Customer: links to Customer table and show the who is the person that book this appointment
  2. Pet: shows the pets who are taking the service.
    I would like make a “filter” for the Pet attribute so that only the pets that belong to the customer I already selected would be able to be selected
    For example, if I selected a customer ABC, and he/she has two pets, when I select the records for “Pet” attribute, I’d like to only see the two pets he/she has rather than every pet in the Pet table.

I used to create SQL-based database and would make a query to fulfill this “filter” function, but I’m pretty new to Airtable and even not sure if I should use formula or other function to fulfill what I want. I’d be really appreciated for your help!

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