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HELP! I accidentally erased 140 records

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I accidentally erased 140 records! Yikes. The undo function isn’t remedying it. Is there another way?

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Oh sweet! Thanks @Kamille_Parks . You just saved me days upon days of work!

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What happened is that in an attempt to delete a field, I pressed command+delete.

Check your snapshots to see if you can restore from a recent auto-save point


This will make a new base based on whatever snapshot you select, but from the new base you can export the data as a CSV and then import it back into your real one.

Oh sweet! Thanks @Kamille_Parks . You just saved me days upon days of work!

Additionally, you can click on the little trash icon right next to the snapshot icon. That will let you restore recently-deleted records, without needing to export/import.

Oh sweet!

Jeb, you marked your invocation as a solution, when you should mark Kamille’s reply instead :slightly_smiling_face: