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Adding an editable field order number in the field visibility dropdown

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New feature request.
It would be very helpful to have an editable field order number next to each item in the field visibility dropdown.
This would show the current order of the field in that view, and then to change the field position instead of drag and dropping you change the field order number. So instead of being field 23 you change it to 4 and the field then moves to the new order.

I have a table with 300 fields and when I need to rearrange for new views, it takes a lot of time to do. Yes I know, need to reduce the field count, working on it. :grinning_face_with_sweat:

If anyone has any tips or can point me in the direction of a tool to speed this process up, it would be much appreciated.

Apologies if asked before I couldn’t find it to +1.

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Great idea!! This is a very underdeveloped part of Airtable that is sorely in need of much love. Please send your feature request to, since they don’t read most of our posts here.

Thanks, @ScottWorld have sent the request in.