Help me to create inventory system based on price

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello…I am new.

I need some help to do something…

1/I have a column B, with a currency field.
2/I have a column C, with % field.
3/I havr a column D, of number.
4/I have a column E, of % field.
5/I have a columm F, of currency.

I need percentage of column C and E automatically.

So if :

Column B has a total of $100.

IF I insert 10% into Column C.

The column D should show me 90$.

but IF i need to changes into Column D from 90 to 95$.

then the column C shows me 5%.

reflect both sides if i changed any value from column C and D.

after that… Successive Discounts applied on column E.

I insert 2% into colum E.

Then column F will show me 88.2 (2% of 90 column D price)

and the final price show me on column F.


if changes into D it reflects to C, if changes into Fit reflects to E.

I don’t know how to create a formula which will calculate the discounted amount based on the price.

I would be great to have some help on that! :slightly_smiling_face:


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In your case your formulas should look exactly how it would in algebra

{B} - ({B} * {C})

You cannot manually change the value of a Formula field. If you need {D} to show as $95, then you need to change the value of {C} to 5%, not the other way around. The workaround would be to include “override” fields but that would quickly clutter your table and would likely become confusing.