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4 - Data Explorer

I just restored, using an automated snapshot, this morning, my work saved on Jan. 16th…simply because I needed to check back at something I did. Now, I can’t restore my work back to this morning, and I feel like I have lost my work from then to now. Are my automated snapshots, including this morning, going to eventually come back? Since it said when I originally restored, that my work from after Jan. 16 to this morning, wasn’t going to be lost, am I going to eventually be able to restore it? Or is there a way to restore it now?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

When you restore from a snapshot, you get a copy of your base as it was at the time of the snapshot. Any work done after the snapshot was taken will be in only the original base. You have to manually merge the changes you want back into either the original base or the restored base.