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Re: Hi. I need to build a voting system

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We have 10 projects to vote.
15 people to vote.
Each one need to give a evaluation between 1 and 5
for 7 parameters with diferent ponderation.
Anyone can help me?

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If you ask this question a dozen different times you will probably get a dozen different answers (And probably 11 of them would work!) - But, if it were me, I would do something like this: Judging Form - Airtable Universe

This gets a little tricky as the individual datapoints needed from each judge starts to grow pretty quickly - Essentially you are needing 70 individual pieces of data from each of of your 15 judges. That can be a lot to collect through a form or interface!

I would have the judges submit an individual form for grading of every project - So instead of asking them to fill out 70 fields, they would be filling out 7 fields, 10 times (If that makes sense). The form is in the “Voting Submissions” table, and the data collected from this is summarized in a formula. I just did straight average of all their ratings, but the different metrics could be weighted however you wanted.

Again, there’s probably a simpler or better way to do this (And the users on this forum will no doubt come to the rescue), but hopefully a few of these concepts help.

Thanks. I will take a lool!

Thanks again. I thing it will work!

From Azores - Portugal!