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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m creating a trip-prep checklist product and want it to be as user-friendly as possible. This means having the ability to hide entire categories that don’t apply to a person’s trip. (Specific example: I have a field/column for “category.” One of those categories is “swim.” I want a person to be able to hide all the swim line items with a single click.) I don’t want to give my users in-depth instructions on how to hide and filter. I’d like users to answer a series of simple yes/no questions, and NOs would result in related records being hidden in all the views. What are my options to achieve this? Thanks in advance!

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Are these users collaborators in your base? If so you can likely create an Interface that has visibility filters set up to hide records that aren’t linked to whatever values are relevant to “current” collaborator (the person viewing the page).

If these are external users and you want to give them only shared View links, you can prefill a shared View’s filters by modifying the URL. So if people are submitting a form, you could probably write a formula that outputs the link to the View with the filters prefilled based on those form responses. If you’re sharing several views this might be tough to navigate as each shared view would be its own tab.

Thanks, Kamille. These will be external users who are given links to their own base, kind of like a template. Currently there are 4 Yes/No questions: International, Baby/Toddler, Swim, Snow. Each of those is a category. I can’t account for all the permutations. I currently have everything in one master “All items grid view,” then a separate view for each family member. This feels correct, but perhaps “Swim” should be its own table? I feel like there are multiple ways to solve this and I just haven’t cracked it yet.