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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Not 100% sure on the best way to create a CRM & Project management setup.

Currently we have the pipeline in one tab, a list of jobs in another tab, all the shifts including £rates in another tab.

We want to keep the pipeline tab for selected people only.

We also want to hide the £rates fields in the shifts tab so to prevent certain people from viewing them.

How can we restrict views of tabs and certain fields please? Is it even possible to hide tabs?

Or is it better to create a separate base and have certain fields auto sync to the other base?

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the community, @Pete_Lindley!

In Airtable, it is not possible to hide anything in a base from the collaborators who have access to that base.

A workaround for hiding fields could be to do what you mentioned — sync certain fields from one base to another. (Note that syncs are one-way only from source view to destination table, and the data in the destination table is read-only.)

However, if you’re just looking for users to VIEW certain pieces of information (not EDIT information), you can share certain views by creating shared view links:

If you need people to edit information but not see certain fields, that is not possible to do within Airtable. You would need to pay for a portal tool such as to do that:

Thanks for confirming my thoughts Scott. Best look to restructure what we have so far before it gets too big.

Can you copy tabs from one base to another in the same space?

No, that is not possible.

Duplicate the base and delete what you don’t want in each then?

Yes, you can do that.