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Hiding Specific Options in Field

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Hey there! So I am wondering if there is a way to hide specific options within a field. For example I have one Multiple Select field which features start and end dates for film festivals (1 - 10 Sep 2022, 2 - 20 Sep 2023 for example. In my main view, I would like to view all these options as it is a handy way to look back at the years for previous festival years. However on separate views, I would like to pick and choose which options appear, for example if I am sharing a view with a client and only want to talk about 2022 dates, I would love to hide the 2023 dates to not confuse anyone. If anyone knows an answer please let me know!!! It seems you can hide lots of things including fields however hiding options within a field is very tricky. Thank you!

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Hi @Luke_Brawley ,

You cannot hide options within a field is the short answer. To be clear, I’m talking about the ability to CHOOSE this option or to see it if it exists for some reason in the view you are sharing.

Ah damn! What a shame! I mean its fine for now but it seems obvious to be able to hide certain options within a field, depending on a view you are sharing! And so we are clear, I just mean being able to hide certain options within a specific view, whereas the data itself still remains in my main master view, its usual for me to see all the options, however when I make different views and share with clients, I only want them to see certain option.

How do you plan on sharing the views with clients? Airtable shared views (except for forms) are read-only so clients can only see the options that are already in use in the data. If you want clients to submit new records with a form view, you can limit which options are available for single select fields.

Hey there! Ill try and show how I work! So I work with film festivals, placing films into their programmes worldwide, the way I track this is with one master sheet with thousands of festivals listed, their dates past and present, and which films have played at each. I also however need to share updates with the filmmakers about where and when their films have played, I do this by creating another view, hiding all the information about the other films, and only showing the filmmakers info on their film. The issue is, on the main master sheet, multiple dates are listed in the ‘Festival Dates’ field, which is a multiple select field, I like to keep this as I can easily go back and look at previous festival dates. On the individual film view however (which I share with the film team) both dates appear when in fact, I only want to show one of the options because different films play at the same festival in different years. While being able to share this other view, while being to hide certain fields is a real game changer for me as I dont have to update hundreds of individual film sheets, however this is the last thing that I would like to figure out! I have attached a screen shot showing two things, the top is the view from my main master sheet, as you can see in the ‘Festival Dates’ field you can see two dates for the Glasgow Film Festival, one for 2022 and one for 2023, the botton is from another view I have created which I share with the team of a specific film, where their film played in 2022, so in this case, I would like to hide the 2023 option, I hope this makes sense and if there is a way to make this work!
Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 12.27.40

You could use a formula field to show only the last multi-select value and then show only the formula field.

But I think you are better off changing your base structure to convert the multi-select to a linked record field. Then you can use formula fields and rollups to determine the latest date, and use a conditional rollup to only show the latest date.

Ah so I have no idea how to code so the formula field is a bit of a mystery to me! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!