Re: How can I send emails from Airtable like a CRM?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am using Airtable as our database and CRM. Is anyone else doing this?

These are the “user stories”:

  1. When I click on a contact to send email, open a window where I can select from a template, customize, and then click send.
  2. Sending should send through my gmail account
  3. If I receive a response, it should go into Airtable
  4. The contact should then be added to my Lemlist for follow-ups based on the Template selected



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One very easy way of doing this would be to use the SendGrid extension. You can install the SendGrid extension as many times as you’d like, and each one can represent a different email template.

Note that only 10 extensions can be active at any given time, but it shouldn’t be a problem for you to temporarily disable any email templates that you’re not using at the current time.

Yes, SendGrid can send using Google email accounts. I’m not sure if they support generic email accounts (as opposed to domains hosted with Google), but they might. I would ask SendGrid if you need more help with that.

Airtable supports monitoring Outlook email accounts, but not Google/Gmail email accounts.

For Google/Gmail email accounts, you can use to monitor your account for incoming email messages, and then you can parse those incoming messages by putting them into Airtable:

Yes, supports Lemlist as well:

Alright cool, thanks. I am familiar with Make, just wasn’t sure if someone had done so and uncovered some gotchas and would then say “just get purpose built software” or something.