How do I auto fill the form after selecting an option?

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Apologies if the question sounds weird. Basically, what I am trying to create is a form that records user and their IT asset.

What I would like to have is that when I select their ID (the AD Login option) on the form, if they have an existing asset, it should automatically be shown on the "Old Asset Tag" option. If they don't have an existing asset, it will not show up. Is it possible to actually do so with Airtable? Or do I need something else?


(In case you are wondering why don't I just split the form into one for new records and one for update, it's because I need to show the "history" of the user and their IT asset. With this way of recording, I can see the "history" of what IT asset the user previously has or not.)

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This is not possible with Airtable’s forms. You may want to check out On2Air Forms, which offers this ability.

Airtable does not currently have dependent dropdown values in forms, however, there are some potential workarounds to your workflow.
- If the form submitter does not really need to see this ID and you're only interested in linking it to the record submission on the backend for base editors, you can set up an automation to do this based on Windows Login Id when the form is submitted.
- You can also pre-populate fields on a form using URL query parameters and set up an automated way to send custom form links to the correct submitter. More info on pre-filling forms


Thank you for the reply!  Unfortunately, pre-filling form is simply not possible as the form is mainly for the asset managing personnel to use to quickly update details. We would need to search through the user list to find the specific URL before using the form, which would beat the purpose of the form itself.

ID is still required but I haven't really thought of using automation fill in the other parts. Perhaps I will try that method.

Thank you for the reply! Seems like using an Integration is the only way to go if I want to design the form in that way. It's a pity that Airtable's form is not able to do so, hopefully they would a feature like this in the near future.