How do I require a user to choose an option from the single select drop-down menu instead of manually typing in a record?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have set up several “Single Select” field types, but editors still keep bypassing this by manually typing in data, many with typos and spelling errors, and its driving me crazy! Is there a way to force them to select one of the options I made available (like excel does) ? Thanks

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What level of permissions do they have in the base? Editors can edit records but cannot configure fields, including adding new options to a single select.

Here’s another way around the problem: fire the current editors and hire others who will follow your instructions. :winking_face: Emoji aside, I’m somewhat serious. Base configuration will only get you so far. If they’re working for you and they aren’t doing what you request when using your base, then it’s time for a heart-to-heart talk with those who are the cause of your headache(s).

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I try to solve this by giving them a form view to work with rather than the base. It doesn’t solve all options but solves many and I am sure they can’t input new options to single field selects.

I can also describe some guidance on choosing the correct drop down, or display certain fields only if other items are selected.

E.g. if I was tracking their time working for a client, I may show the hours field if they were on site but not if they say they sent a letter. (Example only, I am not a lawyer but this example explains what I mean). :joy: