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How to check or uncheck all 100 records in a view with one click?

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How to check or uncheck all 100 records in a view with one click ?

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Can you share what makes you think this is possible with one click?

I can think of several ways of filling in all the checkboxes quickly. For example, it is possible to paste in a value into all the records in a view by selecting the column heading. But that requires more than one click. It also requires selecting the value to be copied, copying the value, selecting the column heading, and then pasting.

The closest I can think of to a one-click method involves scripting. Running the script can be done in one-click, but writing the script cannot be done in one click.

There are lots of other complex scenarios that could be setup that are initiated by a single click. For example, a single click could call an Integromat webhook, that calls an Airtable automation webhook, that links the 100 records in the view to a control record, that causes a lookup of a checkbox field be checked, that triggers a Zap, that copies the checkbox field in the lookup to the actual editable checkbox.

But I think you want something simpler than that. And describing that workflow was way more fun than actually implementing or maintaining it would be.

if “How to check or uncheck all 100 records in a view with one click ?” means select all record in view (records you want to see in view can be sorted by using filter), than it can be done by using the checkbox in 1st column:
which will bring this:
the condition is to have all records, you want to select in one view.