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4 - Data Explorer

I have a webpage shared view of a calendar that has a button link to a URL. Previously I could have the button seen when a record was expanded on the web view of the calendar.

Now if the button is enabled under “customize labels” it adds the text of the URL to the calendar entry. How can I continue to have that button to link a URL on a web shared calendar without it showing in the title of the calendar event?

Images to explain what is happening. The button is named “Change Request.” The first image shows the button hidden and therefore not available, but the calendar looks like I want it to. The second with the button enabled, adding the URL information in the event title. The third image is how it has always looked when the calendar event is clicked on to expand the record. This is where the URL could be clicked on. This all worked until just recently.




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Yeah, this is a HUGE problem with the new calendar design. It’s a complete dealbreaker for the calendar. Everybody that I know who uses Airtable is complaining about this, and yet we have gotten no official responses from Airtable about this major problem yet.

You can add your comments to the end of @Jordan_Scott1’s thread here, but there is no guarantee that Airtable employees will respond to us: Calendar enhancements 📆

Also, be sure to send an email to about this topic, because we can only hope & pray that the more people who send them emails about this topic, the more quickly they will hopefully fix this major fiasco.