How to create a calendar link that renders instead of being read only

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I would like the airtable links that appear in my calendar to render instead of being read only. Can this be done?

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Hey there! If you’re looking for an editable record in your calendar that can be updated from your personal calendar, I’d recommend that you look into some kind of automation here - Perhaps by using zapier to create a connection, and update airtable when an event changes.

Not sure I fully understood the question here though - So feel free to add more clarity

What I’m getting at is this. When I have a due date for a row, the due date appears on my calendar. In addition, a read-only link is affixed to the calendar event entry. I would like the link NOT to be read only. That is what I’m going for. That it’s read only makes no sense to me, and creates further steps I need to take to address a field entry. thanks

Are you saying that you want to be able to edit the link? From what I can see, the link simply points to the specific Airtable record connected to that calendar entry. Could you describe more about your desired use case? What is your end goal, and how would editing the link help you achieve that goal?

The airtable link that is autopopulated into a calendar event is read only. This means when I click on the link from my calender, I can only read what the link displays. I would like the link to provide a live, non read-only version of the airtable field so I can make edits or changes to the field. Because it’s read only, I have to back out of the read-only field, and go into my airtable, find the relevant field, and deal from there. This seems way unnecessary.

The beginning of the URL (after the domain) begins with “shr”, which means it’s opening a shared view, and all shared views—regardless of the view type (calendar, grid, etc.)—are read-only to my knowledge, and that behavior isn’t likely to change for security reasons.

Here’s the good news: If you remove that shared portion of the URL up to the next forward slash, it will open your base to the same record so you can edit it, provided that you’re logged in of course. Here’s a generic example of the shared view link:

Removing that “shr” portion leaves you with:

…which will open the record in your account.

Thanks for sharing. An even better work around is this. I am now including the airtable link to the document in the document. So when I get the read only view, I can click the link which takes me to an editable view of the document. Seems like I shouldn’t have to go through this exercise, but it’s the best I can think of.

That’s definitely an easier workaround. While you say you shouldn’t have to jump through such hoops, I can’t think of a way to do what you want without compromising the security of your data. The current setup ensures that your data can’t be edited by an unauthorized third party. If you can think of a way to provide the edit access you want while still maintaining appropriate security, I suggest contacting Airtable support to present your suggestion.