Re: How to create a cumulative line/bar using the Chart app?

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So I’m wondering how I would show a cumulative count using the Chart app. Currently the count of my variable is shown across the date on the x-axis, but instead of showing the count for each date, what I’d like to display is the cumulative count to better see the growth. Is there a straightforward way to do this?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Burner, would you happen to have some example data on hand as well as how you would want it displayed? I’ll see whether I can figure something out

Sounds like you want a running total. If you have one record per date, you can use a script to generate the running total, and then chart the running total.

Note that if you have multiple records per date, this will not work. It also might not work if you are zoomed out enough that dates are collapsed together on the chart.

Also, if there are dates without records, the chart will not show those dates, which can make changes look more pronounced than they are.

Thanks @kuovonne This is really helpful. :thumbs_up: I’ll try using the running total script you shared – and hopefully that should do the trick. Also, thanks for calling out the limitations and considerations. I’ll have to revisit my table and check if I’m expecting to have multiple records per date.