How to create one list that adds and merges like items?

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4 - Data Explorer

I’d be so grateful for any advice on how to clean up a rollup that returns this:

1 shirt(s), 1 pant(s), 1 set of socks, 2 shirt(s)

To this instead:

3 shirt(s), 1 pant(s), 1 set of socks

Basically, my question is how to merge and add like items from a list generated by a rollup.

(In case it helps, the list needs to be dynamic - not one list for the entire base if that makes sense. Each item is associated with a packing list, and then packing lists are added to trips. I want to be able to create one packing list for each trip that does not repeat items when there are multiple packing lists per trip.)

Thank you!!

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Thanks for your help, Justin!