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Creating a Filtered and Grouped View within a Table Grid View is easy enough - however I’m now stuck with having this fairly simple/straight forward billing summary data stuck in my view - and I have no idea how I can easily/automatically get this summary view of data stamped into a monthly invoice at the end of each month.

The below image shows two fairly simple fields, a customer name lookup and a summary of time spent with them per month, in this case just the past months work.


But I’ve been unsuccessful in figuring out how to get this summary data out of Airtable and into the hands of those who pay the bills.

This wasn’t a big issue when starting out initially, with my time split between only one or two customers. I used Page Designer for capturing the info initially. But the more customers I add to the list per month, the more of a headache this becomes with the many limitations of Page Designer all starting to hit me…

As an alternative data source, I thought that perhaps I can simply use the Customer Index table itself - but then the lookup of hours against customers shows all of their hours since the dawn of time, not just limited to the past months.

… help! :sweat:

PS: As a side note, I’m looking into Documint (SaaS) to solve this problem, as I think their free plan might be OK for handling this, more or less replacing Page Designer. Would this possibly be the right direction?

EDIT: Ok, it seems that if worst comes to worst - I can print the Summary View to PDF - but it looks godawful… at least the data is there and I can send it.


The above summary view absolutely needs to exist within the Page Designer and also the Send Email Automation.

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Statistics in the summary bar are not available outside of the summary bar. You can have a new [Customer Months] table where each row is linked to the records for a particular customer for a specific month. Then calculate the numbers in rollup fields. You can also use automations to make linking easier.

Thanks @kuovonne - you’re thinking along the same lines as myself, I suspect there may be something in that workflow that may work.

Is it a case of having a Customer Months table, that in the record there’s each passing month, and each field is a lookup to the Daily Work Entries (which are a line item per customer)? I see that this would then allow a rollup field, to calculate the month specific work entries. Interesting - but still, I’ve definitely reached out to Airtable Devs for improvement here (but in reading these forums, so have many, many others.)

Keen for any other workflows that people have used on similar problems, such as if they found a decent solution with the likes of Documint etc.