How to find a record on another table using a lookup field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have 2 tables; Menu & Restaurant.
Restaurant columns: RestID / RestName
Menu columns : Menu ID / MenuName / RestID (linked to record) / RestName (lookup)

I’m creating a form on Menu table to ab able to add new records. In the form, I’d like to lookup the associated restaurant using RestName. However only RestID column is available in the form and the “find an option” popup doesn’t show me the Restaurant name so it’s difficult to identify the right restaurant.

How can I get the find popup to show the restaurant name.


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My workaround is to have three fields:

  • RestNumber (Single Line Text or Number)
  • RestName (Single Line Text)
  • RestID (Formula which concatenates the other two fields) > Set as primary field

Concatenating the two fields together will allow you to find a restaurant by both name and ID number.

Hi Kamille,

Thanks! I’ve tried this for a couple of tables. I’m just worried as I import the Restaurant and Menu from another database and primary keys will be the IDs there.