How to get info out of the JSON that an API delivered

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

I’m a total newbie to JavaScript, and pretty proud of myself that I’ve figured out how to connect to my company’s API to get store information.

console.log(await storeInfo.json());
is displaying all of the JSON returned from the API call, but now how do I get that data out of the JSON?



  1. :arrow_forward: (1) [Object]
  2. :arrow_forward: 0: Object
    1. StoreNumber: “1234”
    2. StoreName: “Joe’s Market”
    3. :arrow_forward: StorePhoneNumbers: Array(2)
    1. :arrow_forward: 0: Object
    2. Description: “Fax”
    3. PhoneNumber: “800-555-1212”
    4. :arrow_forward: 1: Object
    5. Description: “Landline”
    6. PhoneNumber: “800-555-2121”

How can I pull the store name and phone numbers out into individual variables that I can do stuff with?

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Congrats! :tada:

Looks like the top level of the data is an array, versus an object. It was hard to tell in your initial post. Glad you figured it out.