How to get more detailed revision history log en masse?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

We have an Enterprise level account and are trying to implement a date field which will track the date that a status is changed in another field. This is all good on a move-forward basis, but we would also like to update it historically, which is proving to be trickier.

With our enterprise account, we have 3 years of revision history, but it seems like the only way to access what we need is to open up every single record, scroll through until we find the action we’re wanting to track, and then approximate based off of Airtable’s generic date timeframes when that action was performed. Once we’re out of the 1 month timeframe, this goes to month by month and then year by year approximations, when what we’re really looking for is exact dates.

Is there a better way to do this? I don’t see an access point in the scripting API to see record history. Our Enterprise audit logs only go back 6 months, and don’t offer this level of granularity. We know the data is there but are at a loss as to how to fetch it. This is about 1000 records, so not anything we could do manually. Has anybody done something similar before?

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Well, yeah. But that is an additional system and not in the logs itself.

The data to support an entire delta-topology is in the logs if every field-level change is tracked. Given field (x) at value (y) at time (z) what is the delta to value of field (x) at value (y-1) at time (z-1).