How to get the owner of a workspace have only editor permissions on a base in their workspace

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Have a client who is the Owner of the Workspace. I logged in with client’s credentials and made a Base for them. Trained them. Set them free. Client may share views, but not whole Base.

They let me know that something is not working. I login and see that they have broken a Link field from one Table to another.

Possible solutions to keep the client from breaking again

  1. Make the Owner of the Workspace be just an Editor of the Base in question. Is this doable without making another user for the client, sharing to that second user as Editor, and client has to login as that second user?
  2. Or do i have to become the Owner of the Workspace, and share to my client as an Editor so they can’t break anything again? And if i become the owner, then i have to pay the bill right?
  3. Or is there another construct that i am missing?

I’ve searched for this in support and in this awesome community but can’t find anything that directly addresses this issue. Any help appreciated.

Stay safe,

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