How to group same text to achieve IF/Than

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

To filter effectively I need to group records with the same records.
Need a filter to show only records that fit certain criteria.
IF QUOTE is blank OR SCOPE is blank
My biggest obstacle is figuring how to run this filter based on records with the same WO#.

If Airtable formulas were easy to write it’d look something like this:
IF WO# is duplicated and Quote is blank or scope is blank- hide field.

Any suggestions?

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To check if either {SCOPE} or {QUOTE} is blank, use OR().

  "At least one is blank",
  "Both have values"

However, it sounds like you want something else.

Airtable formulas cannot easily tell if a different row has the same value for a particular field, so checking for a duplicate WO# will be difficult.

You also cannot hide fields at a record level. Either a field is hidden for all records in a view, or it is displayed for all records in a view. At best a formula field can choose to be blank in some situations and have data in others. However, that would not affect the visibility of the field itself.

I appreciate your response. I guess I shouldn’t have used the term “hide” but instead filter those records from showing in a particular view. However, without the capability of running this filter because there is no way to base the filter on a duplicated WO#, it’s pretty pointless.

Back to the drawing board.