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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

(just learning Airtable)
I’m creating a submission form for a client and we’re expecting a large amount of submissions (1,000+).

At some point we are planning on narrowing down the options and presenting those selects to the client… as of now I have a “Status” column where we can tag that record with a specific color and filter it afterwards where they only see the reds or the yellows. I was planning on having a link sent to the client where they’d see the back end (the chart, form, and gallery), but ideally I’d prefer to have a separate space, for the lack of a better word, where the client can only see those selects and not turn off the filter and see the other 700+ options. Any advice on how to make that happen?

Just trying to figure out an efficient way to show the client the records/submissions that we culled down.


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Nick_Thomsen,

You can create a view that is filtered on your status field such that it only shows those records which should be visible to your client. Then you can click the Share View button image to create a link that you can send to your client to view only records which are curated for them. If you are on a pro plan, you can also protect the shared view using a password or restrict it to an email domain.

Hope this helps.