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How to make a form for students to check their own attendance in whole semester

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Hi everyone,

Is there any possible to make a form for students to check their own attendance in whole semester?

I know how to make a form but I can’t figure out what to do to bring specific data information to students who submitted the form.

I have tried to check is there any similar topic to help me making this, but not enough for me to learn how.

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You could look into using prefilled forms where you send out a link to each student that will prefill the form with that student’s info. However, it isn’t particularly secure. Students tend to share info freely amongst each other, and you could never be really sure that the info was actually submitted by the proper student. Self reporting attendance also isn’t very reliable. Even with academic honesty policies, it seems like a situation where it would be hard to trust the results.

Thanks for the suggestion. You’re right, it is hard to maintain the secure and the privacy, I think I’ll just keep using ‘provide apply form - Manually confirm submitter - Manually send result’ for the moment.