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5 - Automation Enthusiast

This is more like How to make a ‘single field from a synced record permanent’. But I thought that may be a confusing subject title.
I am trying to use synced data and make a field permanent regardless of what happens to the initial data.
Example using two bases that are manually synced (for now): Base 1 syncs properly to Base 2 and displays all the ‘active’ jobs and their ID #. I then use a formula in Base 2 which uses the JobID#.

What I have noticed is that if the Job becomes ‘inactive’ (or deleted) in base 1 and I do a manual sync it will no longer show in the Base 2 table and as such it disappears from the formula. How do I convert the lookup field from Base 1 into something permanent in Base 2 that will not change?
(I know there is a setting where I can leave the records in Base 2 synced table, but I do not want to have a large list if I can avoid it).

I do not need it to technically ‘sync’. I just need it to get the jobID# once and it is important that we only have a short list of ‘active’ jobs to choose from. Once I make the connection, the formula, in Base 2, should run, and then the number should stay. If the next time I sync, the JobID# disappears from the synced table it should not change the formula.
(I know there is a setting where I can leave the records in Base 2 synced table, but I do not want to have a large list if I can avoid it).
I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue.

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Hmm, I don’t think that’s possible I’m afraid, and to keep the data permanently in Base 2 you’d pretty much need to create a new record in a table per newly synced record, leading to that large list you mentioned wanting to avoid

May I know what business need this is fulfilling? Perhaps there’s another workaround that could be used


of course, you can duplicate field in synced table or add more unsynced editable fields to make data static. But your problem is that when the the record deleted, it will delete in synced table together with ‘static’ data.
If your plan allows multi-source syncing, I would organize another table in Base1, to hold your static data, and sync it to the same destination, but in a following way:
each record in Table2 of Base1 linked to it’s respective record in Table1. Sync view from table1 needs additional filter ‘link to Table2 is empty’.

The case is interesting, I even tried to to make working test
Table 1

Base2, synced table with additional fields

When you check ‘freeze’, automation runs, let it be #6




(little mistake here, passing NEW field value is useless, you should use it in 'frozen ’ records)

When Base1 incoming webhook automation gets a call, it creates a record in Table2

linking record in Table1 excludes it from sync


it’s now saved to static source and you can work with it.

Sorry for a lot of pictures ))

p.s. source for webhook call

//Webhook to copy record. data:{number,set,tags}
let payload=input.config()
const testwhook= ''
const options={method:'POST',body:JSON.stringify(payload),
headers:{'Content-Type': 'application/json'}}
const responce=await fetch(testwhook,options);
const result=(responce.ok)? await responce.json() : responce.statusText;

Thank you for you response.
This is for a Job Tracking system (Base 1) which creates a unique JobID# for every job created.
The second base is a CRM (Base2) which will sometimes link to a JobID# from Base 1 but not always.
I can manually type in the JobID# if I want as a simple field and then use a formula to add that to first column. But rather than manually type it in, I wanted to see a list of the active jobs from Base1 and just click on it to make the JobID# appear and be added to the formula.
I hope this is clear.

Thank you for the detailed response, however your answer is a bit complex for what I am trying to do right now. I am relatively new to airtable and have not yet worked with webhooks and scripts. Still learning the ropes and this is the first sync I have ever created with airtable.
I figured there may be an easier way to basically import data temporarily and then save what I need and then remove the data after it is saved.

Hmm, that implies that in Base2, there’s at least one other table (let’s call this Other Table) besides the synced table (and let’s call this Synced Table)?

If so, perhaps you could create a linked field to the synced table and create an automation that will trigger when a record in Synced Table has a linked field that is not empty, and it’s action would be to copy the Job ID# and paste it into the first column?

With this method, when records disappear from the synced table it won’t affect the value you pasted in the Other Table

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thank you @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo,
It is setup similar to this right now, except is a manual process (not an automation).
I have a lookup field in the Other Table that pulls in the JobID# and then I have a formula in the first column that combines the title and the JobID#.
So as I create a new record in the Other Table, I have to select the correct Job to associate the JobID# the the new record. Once the JobID# is in the Other Record Table record, I no longer need the lookup.
I would like a way to make that lookup field permanent after the association is made. I do not need to keep the connection.

Hm, feels like we’re having some sort of miscommunication. Here’s a gif of the automation running to see if it clears things up:
keep pasted

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I see what you are doing.
You have created an additional column that is just single text and then the automation copies the JobID# to that column so that when the lookup is broken (or the synced record deleted), the JobID# in the single text column will remain.
I will give this a try later today and let you know what happens.
Thanks for the help.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

@Adam_TheTimeSavingCo ,
Thank you for your solution. It worked perfectly for me.
It took me a few days to get around to testing but I finally did it this evening and it is working fine.
Thanks again for your generosity