How to match the timezone of Google Calendar with the timezone of Airtable can i do it?

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Hello~~ Airtablers!
I added the URL to the Google Calendar using “Sync to an external calendar” in Airtable’s calendar view.

However, the timezone used in Airtable’s Calendar view and Google Calendar’s timezone are different. The timezone I want is the timezone used in Airtable’s Calendar view: (AEDT, UTC+11). In Google Calendar, “(GMT+00:00) Coordinated Universal Time” timezone is used, and I cannot change these settings.

How to match the timezone of Google Calendar with the timezone of Airtable can i do it?

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Welcome to the community, @Yolande_Pickett! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: When you look at the URL that Airtable gives you when copying the URL from “Sync to an external calendar”, you should see the timezone listed in that URL. Here’s an example from a calendar that I’ve shared for syncing elsewhere:

Notice how it says “…timeZone=[timezone_here]…”. It uses the same timezone specifiers that the SET_TIMEZONE() function uses (encoded for the URL, of course). That timezone is based on your browser settings, and your browser is pulling from your operating system. If that part of the URL doesn’t show your actual timezone, then something is wrong at a system level. (Also note that changing that part of the URL to a different timezone won’t actually have any effect on how things appear in the subscribed calendar, but it’s a good reference for your system’s timezone.)

The next thing to check is your timezone as set in Google Calendar. To find that, open Google Calendar’s settings, and near the top you should see something like this:

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 9.35.37 PM

If the primary timezone isn’t the timezone that you want to use, then things are going to fall in the wrong place on the calendar. Adjust that setting if necessary. Once that timezone matches what Airtable is using for the calendar feed, things should appear in the right place. (Even though the calendar settings for that subscribed calendar might show the timezone as “(GMT+00:00) Coordinated Universal Time”, it should still show up correctly if the calendar’s primary timezone matches your system, which should in turn match Airtable.)