How to merge records and retain anything linked

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone, I’d like to merge some records and retain anything linked.

I have a table with companies and a table with agents. Some of the companies have more than one entry due to spelling errors or variances in formatting. I’d like to combine these records but retain the agents that are linked, and any other linked records or information.

For example, in my companies table, I have “Clarence” and “Clarance”. They are both the same company and should be one record. A new record was created due to a spelling error. These companies have different agents linked to them, but I’d like them all to fall under the same company name in one record.

Is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve looking in other threads and online but haven’t been able to find a definitive answer. Thank you

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If your base is on a Pro workspace you can use the Dedupe app, which allows you to merge records together while combining multiselect or record link field values. There will be a plus button in the top right of the field value, click it to merge those values together as opposed to overwriting them.