How to protect from multiple similar entries being added to linked record field

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I’m setting up a large base to track an entire industry. I will have several people adding info to the base.

The “Employer” field in the “Worker” table will link to the “Employer” table and will track the employers of each worker. There are thousands of workers and dozens of employers, and many of the employers have different possible ways to write their name (e.g. MEC Consultants, M.E.C. Consultants, Inc., MEC, etc.). Is there any feature in Airtable that will protect against us creating multiple unique entries for the same company over and over, other than clear rules, thorough training and pro-active clean-up?

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You said there are “dozens” of employers; a set that’s not too difficult to predict. If so, imagine an Airtable form (or view) that includes a single-select field that contains all of the possible employers. Users are forced to select one from the list and the list is either static or dynamically based on a lookup into the employers table.

Am I missing something?

Oh. So I can set it that my collaborators can only choose employers from a predetermined list. Yes, I love it. Thank you!

Yes, I believe this will work for your use case. You might start here.