How to pull data from one table to another once it changes status

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I've been looking into making some improvement to our airtable and one of the aspects I've been looking to improve is a form of order management. So in essence, we would be looking to move an item from a table to meet a condition such as ordered to some form of projects table, then once the project has been delivered we could move this invoicing


Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciate, I'm keen to learn on all things airtable as it's a really good tool!

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use automation 'When record matches condition', then add Create record action. Use data from record.
automation has no remove action, you can think about some status like 'Inactive', or add script step with one line base.getTable('your table name').deleteRecordAsync(input.config().recordID)    recordID - you should pass it as input data.

if you feel there are too many fields to fill in Create record step, read this and think whether it's your case:
Combining multiple tables into one table using views