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I already have a formula for the date field, but I am noticing that after I do a CSV Import, for all those imported records, the date formula does not change the date format, even after changing the date field. I did not try to set up the formula field first, before importing records, I don’t know if that would work. The formula only works when I manually add new records, but I have 2,000 dates to format and I would like to not have to manually enter the dates again. What I would like to do is to beable to change the date format, in the date field, with the second field as the formula, without losing the dates when I change the date field from short text to date field. My understanding is that all the fields, once a CSV file is imported, are formatted to text fields. I am wondering if there is a way of keeping the dates formatted, once I change from text field to date field, even if I have to copy into another program or spreadsheet, the whole date column, and paste back into Airtable, or if there is another workaround or way of doing this.

Hope this makes sense.


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Could someone take a look at this?

I am not sure if I could achieve the date format I want showing in the “DATE ISSUED” field or if it can be formatted to the date format I want or even Friendly format. Otherwise, I will just use the default date format.

I tried to use the Friendly date format when I followed the steps, but the field went blank, but when I choose the default date format, when following the steps, it works.

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

Thank you,

To convert from text to date, you’ll want to use DATETIME_PARSE rather than DATETIME_FORMAT. The format specifier remains the same.

Hi W_Vann_Hall

Thank you for your reply.

Would I keep the rest of the formula the same?

Thank you,

Yes, the general structure of the functions is the same:


As far as I recall, DATETIME_PARSE is forgiving as far as non-specifier characters go, so I think you can use the formula as given; if it gives you any trouble, though, you might want to try


to account for the period after the day-of-the-week abbreviation.

Hi W_Vann_Hall

Thank you.

Helpful as ever.