How to replace image on google doc module

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4 - Data Explorer


Big hope to resolve my problems here,
for the last few days, I face this problem, so my goal is to create a shipping slip using an integration of airtable module - google doc - google drive - airtable
Screenshot 2021-11-25 013706

I have finished changing the shipping name, address etc using airtable record data and converting it from docs file to pdf, but when I need to replace the barcode image ( from barcode images which generated using integromet barcode generator on other scenarios) I always failed to get the image ID ( I have followed the tutorial to change the ALT TEXT ) or event try another way by using google docs get content of document I still cannot find the ID of my images
Screenshot 2021-11-25 014203

can someone help me with how to change the image in google doc replace image with new image module using generated barcode get from google drive or URL?


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