How to sell Airtable base as a product?

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m currently selling my airtable base as a product. How to do that?
Is there a way to create a user base that will be able to view the database?
Collaborators would work best, but I don’t want them to see my changes and emails of other collaborators

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Selling an Airtable base as a product is a bit tricky. Are you selling the data stored in the base, the schema of the base, or something else?

If you decide to add customers as collaborators,

  • customers can see the email addresses of all of your other customers
  • any customer can duplicate the entire base
  • customers will get any changes to the base as soon as you make them

You could also sell the base by allowing customers to duplicate your base

  • customers will not automatically get changes to the base
  • if you manually notify customers of changes to the base, they will need to manually incorporate those changes with their copy
  • customers will not know who your other customers are

In both cases you must trust your clients to not make or redistribute additional copies.

If you are selling the content of the base and the content is primarily in a single table, you could embed a view of the table on a webpage and sell access to the webpage. You could turn off the ability to easily make a copy of the data.

Thank you for sharing this. How are we able to allow customers to duplicate our base? What's the process for this?