How to send an automation email to a group of people while protecting their email address's

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I want to send an email to group of people without everyone knowing that they are in a mass group email. I would like to BCC everyone but I am forced to put an email in the “To” section. Is there a way around this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Karrigan, hmm, may I know what issues you faced when trying the following?


Hi Adam,

I can put email address’s in the BCC field but I am forced to put an address in the To field. By having to do this then the group of people will see that email in the To field. I guess I could put our shared email address but it will look odd.

Also, I tried the above and sent a test email to my personal and work email. When I pulled the email up on my phone you could tell that I had be BCC’d but when I open the email on computer then it says “to: you (BCC) +1 more”. I don’t love that they would be able to tell they were BCC’d.

There’s no capability in the SMTP spec to send an email without at least one TO address. Use or something innocuous.

Most users would be very happy to see this because it demonstrates that you took measures to not expose their email addresses to anyone. I assume you love sending discrete messages and love far less the idea of exposing everyone’s addresses to everyone else. If so, take the win. :winking_face:


Email is Where Knowledge Goes to Die

You may want to think about alternative communications models where the publishing platform sends push notifications that can be opted into or out of. These approaches exist in tools like Coda and even Airtable but they are far less intrusive, far more likely to make connections to your customers, and they avoid the CanSpam Act regulations.