How to show current date in field?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, new to Air Table but experienced with programming and sheets etc., I am just trying to just show a date field on a form and have it default to the current date, i was reading a bunch of different answers but it is not very clear how to do this.  I looked into prefill_DATE=today() on URL, and also looked into automation but I didn't see how to do this.  Also looked into formula field but I don't see an option for formula field.

Also want to be able to save date and time into a database field, how is this possible? Someone mentioned adding a Creation Time field but that didn't work either...

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For prefilling I had been using the NOW() function, due to issues I was having with TODAY().  That should work on a prefill.

For Creation Time you might want to check that the include time option is on.



Bill thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.  as i said, i am now, where exactly do I put NOW() ?  And where is that screen shot you posted?  I am not finding it so easy to find my way around air table.. not able to find the info in the docs.  thankyou 

I was just suggesting you substitute NOW() for where you are using TODAY().

The screen shot is the tab from where you specify that the type for the column is Created time.