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Hi everyone,
I’m new to Airtable and I am optimistic that this is going to be the platform that increases my productivity. The Bases seem to be focused on projects which are great. I do have a need to track daily tasks and 1-off tasks that aren’t part of a project. Is there a preferred method for tracking non-project related tasks? It’s probably a remedial question but I’m still getting comfortable. I thank you all in advance for any advice you could give m.

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Welcome to the community, @Jim_Kenn! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Bases aren’t necessarily focused on project vs non-project stuff (unless you’re referring to a specific example base you added from the available templates or the Universe). Airtable is pretty open-ended when it comes to base design, which means that you can create virtually any type of tracking system you want.

My current system mixes all tasks into a single tracking base, though I’ve considered splitting some project tasks into another base where I’m doing more project-related stuff. I mark each task as one of three types—Single, Recurring, or Scheduled—and do different things with each type, both in Airtable and with an Integromat scenario that processes all the tasks daily. It took some time to figure out what kind of system I wanted, and it continues to morph as I use it.

Great advice. Since posting I’ve stuck with it and have redesigned it several times due to the learning curve. I need to be able to manage Helpdesk tickets, daily recurring work, projects, 1 off tasks I call “Someone else’s emergency” and the sub tasks, sub projects as well as the different categories and departments that make up each of chunk of my workload. It would be cool if you could link bases but I’m making it work.

Thanks Justin.