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How to Translate Spreadsheet into Airtable

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Hi All! I’m trying to create a table that will pull in info from other tables (in same base) to create a cash flow projection by month for my finance team. I have already built what I want the end product to more or less be, but in spreadsheet form, and I’m trying to translate into Airtable. Can anyone suggest a template or how I might configure the table / fields to recreate this spreadsheet?

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Hi Brittany,

Adam from Airtable here. The Google Sheets file you shared is not accessible. You’ll need to change the permissions in order to allow anyone to view.

Without seeing the Sheet, I would suggest you download a CSV file and import it into Airtable. We provide a few different ways to import data into a base:

Check out those resources to see if they help you migrate things over~~

Thanks Adam, here’s the spreadsheet for reference!

Hi Brittany,

Thanks for the updated link!

Here’s a short video for you:

Thank you, Adam! I really appreciate you taking the time to make the video. That spreadsheet linked had a few different sheets at the bottom, and the last sheet (payroll projections) is ultimately the product I needed. Those first two sheets were just data for that final sheet to pull from.

However- I’ve talked to our analytics manager, and he’s going to help me create this with some different tools, so problem solved! Thanks again!