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Hey all,

Looking for some advice as to whether something is possible or not entirely via the Airtable interface - no external tools.

I have a list of entries on Table 1, Table 2 has a link to Table 1.

In a field on Table 2 I want to get the record ID of the item on Table 1 that the record is linked to.

Is this possible without using the capacity of a third party tool?

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Hi @Conor_Hodder,

What do you mean by Record ID? Is this the number of the row? If this is the case, you can add a new Field and call it Record ID, set it to Autonumber. Then in Table 2, set the Field where you want to see this number to Lookup this number.

Does that help?


Hi Mo,

Not the row number, but the unique identifier that can be used to retrieve that record via the API.

I can use the same principles though, so thank you

You’re welcome, glad to help.

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but isn’t that precisely how Table 2 is linked to Table 1? By the record ID?

If you enumerate the records of Table 2 using the API and look specifically at the field that links to Table 1, you will see record IDs - these are the actual record IDs of Table 1 (I think without seeing your data or a diagram).

Hi Bill,

Yes doing it via the API is simple but I want it done directly into the interface without using the api

I’m definitely slow today. Earlier you said …

Recently you said …

Exposing Airtable’s internal record ID is simple - a formula field will do that.


You want to expose that ID in a linked table, right? Wouldn’t a rollup do that?