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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

If the cell is BLANK I want it to show up as blank in the field rather than ERROR

For example: IF ({Date of Donation} = BLANK()," “) but this isn’t working and right now I do not have the if statement so it is showing up as error.

I also want another IF statement that says : IF {{First Name} & {Last Name} = BLANK(), " {Organization }"}

So if the first name and last name are blank enter the organization name instead.

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6 - Interface Innovator

You’re missing the last part of the IF statement.

An IF statement has three components:

  1. The condition
  2. What happens if the condition is true
  3. What happens if the condition is false

What do you want if the Date of Donation is not blank?

To build on this, you don’t necessarily need the third part of the statement. If you omit the third part, the formula will implicitly return a blank value if the condition isn’t met.

Additionally, it is usually better to avoid using BLANK() in IF statements. You can write

IF({Field Name}, "Field is Not Empty")

And this is the same thing as writing

IF({Field Name} != BLANK(), "Field is Not Empty")

So if the Date of Donation is blank in the column then I want it to return basically a blank space. Right now without the IF Statement it is giving me an error message.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I tried that if statement and it doesn’t work?

What do you mean “without the IF statement”? What formula are you using?

Right now in this is what I have

DATETIME_FORMAT({Date of Donation}, ‘MM/DD/YY’) & " | " & {First Name} & " " & {Last Name}

And on the cells that don’t have a date it says ERROR. So I need the IF statement to say If there is no date enter nothin or a blank space.

So this is the IF statement I have thus far

IF ({Date of Donation} = BLANK()," “)

but obviously it is wrong because it does not work.

Try this:
IF({Date of Donation},DATETIME_FORMAT({Date of Donation}, ‘MM/DD/YY’) & " | " & {First Name} & " " & {Last Name}," ")

You might consider putting something like “No Date of Donation” instead of " ".

Still not working, even if I put BLANK in the " "

Did you get an error when you tried saving the formula field after you pasted my formula?
If yes, then there’s something wrong with the field names.

If not, are you getting an error for all records where the {Date of Donation} is blank? Do all records have a First Name and Last Name?