Impact analysis to the upcoming product image link changes

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Our client owns which uses Airtable to publish the products.

As there is going to be a change in Airtable attachments according to the article (, we would like to understand the impact to our clients business processes and be prepared if it affects the business.

Our client currently adds product and product images to Airtable and sync to our website. The uploaded images will be displayed on our website after that.

Can you please let me know whether there is an impact to this process because of your change in November? Also, please provide any documentation that would be helpful for us to overcome the issue.


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Hi Venkat,

I’m part of a project at the moment where we’ve discussed this a few weeks ago.

Basically links to attachments are going to expire after a few hours (URL will be available for at least 2 hours). Please see the support article here:

With this move, Airtable finally discourages us from using it as a content delivery network (CDN). I can see on your website ( that images are loaded straight from Airtable, so this won’t be possible anymore. Upon receiving the product record (incl. the image(s)), you will have to make a copy and store the image in a separate CDN.

How to do this exactly of course highly depends on your tech stack being used for the site in general.

If you want, I’m very happy to continue the discussion and help in the process. Since changes won’t be happening before Nov 8, there’s still some time :stuck_out_tongue: