Importing from Excel through Zapier - How to tell Airtable when a Master Key no longer exists

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
I have created an order management app through Airtable that tracks our open orders through their entire process. We import to Airtable through a Zapier Zap from an Excel file that was exported out of our POS system. We have a master key that comes out of our POS system and it is unique to each item in every single open order (each row is an item, not an order). Once the item status has been set to "Complete" I have it set up in Airtable to move to a "Completed Items" Kanban view.
We need a way for Airtable, Zapier, whichever to recognize when the item has been invoiced (paid for, left the building). When an order is invoiced it will not show up in our "Open Customer Orders" Excel export from the POS system any longer. (Makes sense, of course.) There will be no master key to map to.
My boss is wondering if there is any way to tell Airtable that this order has been "Invoiced" due to the fact that ALL Master keys under a given invoice number are set to complete. Once all master keys with the same invoice number are set to the status "Completed" it should move them to a holding space (like a "Closed Orders" grid view in Airtable which I have already created. It could work either way and we are open to suggestions. Looking for a solution to make this work. I apologize for the confusing explanation. I hope it explains alright. If you have any questions / need further information, please let me know. Thanks so much for the help, in advance!
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