In zapier my colomn items have a long text id instead of just the text i see in airtable

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4 - Data Explorer


I created a database in airtable to collect data from two separate applications with zapier.
Which in turn airtable organizes it and sends back an attachments to another application.

My issues is when I’m in zapier and I try to select the column block and I want it turns the actual text i see in airtable - into a code on zapier.
How can i have it show the actual text instead of the code?

Since the column in question is a look up field connected from a different table, I tried creating a formula on another column to pull the text but then zapier just comes back empty with no data at all.

I hope this even makes sense.

Thanks for the help

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Zapier isn’t able to read or manipulate those texts that are connected to another table, since the long code you are seeing is an internal code to Airtable.

To show the actual code from a referenced cell in Airtable, you may need an extra column using the UniqueArray


You will then be able to split the text using the ‘split text’ function in Formatter by Zapier using the comma as the separator. While this might not exactly fit your purposes, hopefully it points to something useful.