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Does anyone know of you can create a button that acts as a page jump to a specific record or place within the dashboard?

Meaning: Button is clicked and then it automatically jumps via a preset filter to let’s say “Design Review”. By passing all of the other information that may not be relevant to me.


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Yes, this is possible with a button field that you create and configure in the grid view. See this thread for more info.


Thank you for that link, but the formula jsut brings me to a URL that doenst work instead of jumping to a section I need it to in the Interface Designer. Any thoughts? Maybe I am not following the formula right.” & RECORD_ID({PRE-PRESS STATUS})

You need to replace the WqRri with the id of the record picker element in your interface page. You also need to replace the appid and interfaceid with the actual ids for your base and interface page. The formula field for the RECORD_ID() also does not take a parameter. See this thread for another example.


Not sure we are talking about the same thing, I want a button in the interface designer to jump to a spot when clicked like here: Page Jumps – Make WordPress Support


Thank you for the clarification.

There is no way to specify an anchor in the middle of an interface page, so I don’t think you can do that.

Hello- What about a button link to a Page Designer that is housed in Interface Designer? Possible?

Thank you!