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6 - Interface Innovator
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Hello-I am trying to roll up 10 date fields that are all deadline dates to a long text field in a bullet format.Ideally I would want the field name to be visible as well as the date like this (Field name/Date):- Designer due date: 1-2-23- Submittal d...
Hello! Is these a way to reverse this? To show 2023/Q1 instead of Q1/2023. IF({Your Date Field}, “Q” & DATETIME_FORMAT({Your Date Field},‘Q/YYYY’) )
Hello- Trying add a field that can add days to my formula, any thoughts? IF({DC Arrival Date}=BLANK(), BLANK(), IF(OR({Production Type} = ‘Domestic’,{Production Type} = ‘Puzzles’), DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({DC Arrival Date},-56,‘Days’),‘MM/DD/YYYY’), ...
Hello- Does anyone know how to remove the : in front of asset type when the Item Descr and the Multi game is blank? I keep getting this : EMAIL - ANNOUNCEMENT: COMICS PRO - FEB: 2023 Email is the Asset Type IF( {ASSET TYPE}, CONCATENATE({ITEM DESCRIP...
Hello- Does anyone have a an automations solution with this one? Trying to add in a Adobe URL and have it automatically convert to a PDF in another attachment field using an automation. I did try it out and this was the message I got: JavaScript is r...