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Hello! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Any idea how to get a formula for a record detail within a record detail in the interface?CONCATENATE("" & RECORD_ID()) SO I have list, I want the formula to take me to that l...
I am looking to find a formula that takes you right to the Interface from the source table, with the record expanded on the right side inside the Interface and also specific to what ever is pre-selected on the "Drop Down" option. So I want it based o...
Hello-I am trying to create a formula/automation/script that looks at a field of images (All PDF Files), and takes the field that is named in the file "RULES", and add this file only to another field called RULES.Any ideas?Thank you!
Question, I need a filed called START to pull from different fields that have dates:For some reason only the Game Development date is being pulled, any idea's? SWITCH({Stage},IF({Stage}='READY FOR GAME DEVELOPMENT',DATEADD({GAME DEVELOPMENT},'','DAYS...
Hello-When setting up an email automation, I want the Airtable record when opened to show in a specific view based on some conditional formatting, anyway when the recipient receives the email, when they open up the link provided which I don’t know. I...