Is a custom app/block that can do this possible?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there
I currently use airtable as my delivery fulfillment hub for virtual video game items where i have multiple staff take and fulfill orders via Kaban View.

The process is the record comes into a view and the first person who changes that operator name to theirs gets to take that order. The problem comes where there is latency and multiple people click and take that order within the same second, it will override the true initial person to change the field, also its possible for them to change it after the fact (the airtable history does not work well if it all happens within the same second or one staff has higher latency then the other i think)

I want to know if this is possible to build then I will look for an app developer to help.
The problem comes with latency, the app would need to have some parameters built into it where it will know what the field was changed to FIRST then override and prevent it from being changed again within the next few seconds

Would love to hear your thoughts to my issue and if can assist please let me know thank you!

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