Re: Is the API Rate Limit per API Key or APP ID?

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Is the API Rate Limit tied to an API Key? Or to an APP ID? Or a combination of both?

I have developed several websites that pull and/or sync data with Airtable, and while none of them individually will generate more than 5 requests per second, I’m now concerned that (since they’re all using the same API Key) they will collectively generate more than 5 requests per second.

However, if the Rate Limit is tied to the API Key and APP ID, I have nothing to worry about as each application is built using a different Airtable Base.

Please advise! Thanks!

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I would be interested in the official line too. I always figured it’s per API key…

Here’s the response I got:

Right now rate limiting is done by API key and source IP address. We have plans to change it to API key and base ID in the future.

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4 - Data Explorer

How many requests per seconds has the plus and pro account?

AFAIK they’re all identical. Only the Enterprise version has custom limits.

It mean currently an User IP can request API 5 times/second, isn’t it?
Thank you!

You are correct sir.

Does it mean that in case of having 5 parallel calls to Airtable each executed in 200ms I then need to wait for 800ms to start requesting AirTable again?

You can do 5 calls in one second. Not 5 in 800ms. :slightly_smiling_face:

But you’ll get an error back when you’re too quick…

I meant does it matter if I’ll have those 5 calls evenly distributed over the second or I do all of them together?