Re: Is there any kind of base-level fields? AKA Preserving sensitive data

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey, hi there! 🖐

I found myself spreading out some sensitive information repeatedly on multiple tables of a same base, and I would like to understand if there is a way to store some kind of key-value pairs on a per-base level.

For example, in a table that I record geolocated places I use a Google Maps API key to generate the URL needed to embed a map pointing to that place. This is done through a formula field, concatenating, for each place, information from its row.

Screenshot from 2023-04-13 14-49-53.png

Beside the place specif fields (that actually need to be dynamic inserted on formula), the API key will be the same all over the table, and even for the sabe for other usage of the same API through out the whole base.

Certainly it would be splendid to be able to allow other users to use a key like that without the need of exposing it.
There is some alternative to achieve it?
Thanks for the help in advance 🤝 

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Anyone with access to the full base, including read-only users who might have been quietly invited by other read-only users without your knowledge, can access all the data stored in the base. Thus, only store data that you are willing to share with everyone who has access to the base, and only if you trust those people to be responsible in how they reshare access.


That said, you can store <key/value> data in a dedicated table. Then other tables can access that data either through linked records or scripting. You may want to automate the creation of links, and if you have a lot of records linked to the same <key/value> record, that might slow down your base.